Baltic 2

Client: .mdd
Year: 2022     
Materials:  Steel, injected PP, foam, textile, 
Photo: Ernest Winczyk
Art Direction: Krystian Kowalski

The Baltic 2 is the no-armrest version in addition to the existing product family. Multipurpose chair due to its versatile material options and features.  Like the rest of the models in the family, the chair is made of recyclable materials that can be repurposed and reused. And as all the other Baltic seating, the chair is durable enough to withstand years and generations.

原型设计是一个实验过程,在这个过程中,我将最初的想法验证为有形的形式,从数字 CAD 模型到模拟原型或全功能原型。Prototyping is an experimental process where I verify initial ideas into tangible forms from digital CAD models to mock-up or functional prototypes  

    With prototypes I can not only refine the details and validate the proportions but come up with completely new ideas   有了原型,我不仅能完善细节、验证比例,还能提出全新的想法

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