Client: Ikea
Year: 2015 Marbet / 2017 Ikea  
Material: Polyurethane foam 35 kg/cu.m, fabric 100% polyester
Solid beech, Clear lacquer
Awards: IWP Dobry Wzór Finalist 2016

Sundmo Chair is a product with diverse nature of an old and new manufacturing approach. Upholstered in natural wool made with traditional techniques by local manufacturer in Silesia combine with advanced injection molding technology. This combination resulted in the high quality product with affordable price of mass production.
The combination of an old and new manufacturing techniques comes together with a formal mix of classic furniture of the 50's and modern details. The shape of the armrests is characterized by smooth yet sophisticated detail which was possible due to injection molding technology.This detail makes the chair contemporary, both technologically and formally.
In collaboration with Maja Ganszyniec year 2013.